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With just daily investment of 74 rupees in LIC policy, lakhpati will become so many years


With just daily investment of 74 rupees in LIC policy, lakhpati will become so many years 1

new Delhi. It is important to be financially strong in the current Corona Crisis Era. In this difficult time, only money earned from your old savings and investments comes in handy. Which keeps your and your family’s life safe and secure. If you have not yet made any arrangements for your savings and security, then no problem, today we are going to tell you about one such policy of LIC which will save you as well. Will also provide financial security. The name of this policy of LIC is New Jeevan Anand Policy. If you invest daily with a loan of 74 rupees every day, then you will become a millionaire in 21 years. Apart from the benefits of the bonus in this scheme, the risk cover continues even after the end of the policy term. Let us also give you complete information about this policy…

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These are important things about the policy
– Anyone 18 years or above can take LIC New Jeevan Anand Policy. The maximum age limit has been kept at 50 years.
Under the policy, a sum assured of a minimum of 1 lakh rupees is required. You can take the sum assured of how many rupees ahead of it.
– Policy term is 15 to 35 years. You can purchase both offline and online.
– Policy premium can be paid on yearly, half yearly, quarterly and monthly basis.
You can also take a loan from your policy on completion of 3 years of the policy.
– The policy also gives you tax benefit for paying premium under the Income Tax Act Section 80C.
– There will be no tax on the amount received at the time of maturity and death.

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Will benefit even after policy maturity
Let’s try to understand this by example, if your sum assured is Rs 5 lakh, you will get simple reversionary bonus of Rs 5.04 lakh and final additional bonus will be Rs 10 thousand, then if you are alive after completing 21 years, you will get more than 10 lakh. . At the same time, if the policyholder dies, the nominee will be given an sum assured of Rs 5 lakh. If there is a death in the middle of the policy – if the policyholder dies due to some reason in the middle of the policy, then the sum assured will be given to the nominee nominated by them, which will be 125% of the sum assured. There will also be bonus and final bonus.

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