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37 percent Indian women never buy gold, what do women think about jewelry, read this report


The attraction of women to gold jewelery is not hidden. By the way, there will hardly be any Indian woman who does not like gold jewelry. All women want to have a lot of jewelry, but buying is not a matter of control. A shocking report from the Gold Council, which states that about 37 percent of Indian women have never bought gold jewelery, but their desire is that she will definitely buy gold or gold jewelery in future.

Most gold jewelry buyers from the countryside

This report of the World Gold Council (WGC) says that most of these potential buyers are from rural areas of the country. The report states, “About 37 percent of Indian women are potential buyers of gold and could become a major target for the gold industry.” 44 percent of these respondents are from rural areas while 30 percent of women are from urban areas. This creates remarkable potential for retail jewelery businessmen.

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This result has been revealed in WGC’s “Retail Gold Insight: India Jewelery Report”. The survey has been conducted in association with global research agency Hall & Partners. It interacted with more than 6,000 people aged 18 to 65. Interacted with customers not only in India but also in China and America.

Young women are not pleased with the yellow metal

Indian women normally buy gold. It is their choice, it is sustainable and is a better financial investment as well as family heritage and socially acceptable product. There is also a better buying and selling experience. However, the survey has also revealed that this yellow metal does not meet the dignity and fashion needs of young women at present.

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The survey has also revealed that 33 percent of young women between 18 and 24 years of age continue to buy gold ornaments. In future, their desire to buy this is also weak, especially women in urban areas do not think much. It has been said in the report that young women are not very sensitive to gold jewelery and this could pose a potential threat to the gold industry in the future.

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