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38th Apple Online Store opens in India, know what is its specialty


38th Apple Online Store opens in India, know what is its specialty 1

new Delhi. Apple launched its first online store in India on Tuesday. This move by the company was made due to the increasing inclination of people towards online shopping. Apple will no longer have to use a third party to sell its devices. Apple’s head Tim Cook had already announced that an online store would be launched in India soon.

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What is the specialty of this store
– This store covers a wide range of Apple products, which you will be able to buy directly from here. For this, you will no longer need to visit any other e-commerce site.

– To facilitate the process of payment after shopping in store, many options have been kept open in it.

– In this, special discounts have been arranged for students in many other accessories including Mac or iPad.

– Technical support and Accidental Damage Cover warranty extended to two years through Apple Care Plus.

– This is the 38th online store of Apple in the world, which has also provided a team of experts, who will always be available to help and service and advise Indian customers.

– Consumers of Apple in India will now get facility of consumer care not only in English but also in Hindi.

– Consumers shopping for Apple products will be given an online 30-minute online session with experts to know more about their purchased product.

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