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40 percent of companies want employees to always work from home


40 percent of companies want employees to always work from home 1

New Delhi . Employees in many sectors have been working from home for a long time. IT companies have made good earnings during this period. Many companies have also announced to work from home for a long time. According to a survey, about 40 percent of employers want their employees to do permanent work from home.

The Manpower Group has indicated a more or less stable hiring plan for the next three months, according to the Employment Outlook Survey. It has also been claimed in the survey that at least till 3 months after the second phase of Kovid, the situation is going to remain the same.

Jobs will be available in these sectors-
Sectors that are likely to lead the job market include the service sector followed by transportation and utilities. The strongest hiring momentum has been recorded in medium-sized organizations. This is followed by large organizations with seasonally adjusted outlooks of 8 plus percent and 6 plus percent, respectively.

Expected to see improvement by the end of June-
46 percent of employees surveyed say they don’t know when they’ll likely be hired on a regular basis. Only 3 percent did not expect recruitment to return to pre-pandemic levels. Of those who expected an increase in recruitment, 54 percent expected that they would be hired by June. Most believe that the situation will improve soon.

Hiring can increase in these areas-
A total of 40% of respondents expect their employees to work full-time from home, while 38% want flexible working. The biggest concern of 51% is whether employees will be able to collaborate efficiently. The strongest recruitment prospects are reported in the South, where the net employment outlook is 6 plus percent. The hiring probability is 4% in the West and 2% in the North.

Hiring sentiment relatively stable
Work from home status is going to last for 03 months
46% don’t know when they’ll be regular
54% expected to be hired by June
38% of companies want customized employees

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