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80 liters of petrol, prices increased for the third consecutive day, know today’s rate


On Tuesday, June 9, 2020, the rates for both petrol and diesel have been increased for the third consecutive day. Petrol and diesel prices have become expensive by about Rs 2 per liter in three days. In Mumbai it has reached 80 rupees. According to the website of Indian Oil, on 9 June 2020, the rates of diesel and petrol in Delhi (Delhi), Mumbai (Mumbai), Kolkata (Kolkata) and Chennai (Chennai) were as follows ..

city Petrol (Rs / liter) Diesel (Rs / liter)
Delhi 73 71.17
Kolkata 74.98 67.23
Mumbai 80.01 69.92
Chennai 77.08 69.74

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That’s why petrol and diesel are getting expensive

Saudi Arabia cut oil prices by 30 years in March because of a price war with Russia. It has now been decided to cut crude oil production again. Let us tell you that OPEC and its associated countries have increased the production of crude oil by 10 million barrels daily till the end of July, due to which the prices of crude oil have started rising again.

Petrol and diesel rates are fixed daily at 6 o’clock

Oil marketing companies fix petrol and diesel rates every day after reviewing prices. Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum revise petrol and diesel rates at 6 am daily.

Know the rates of petrol and diesel in your city through SMS

You can also check the price of petrol and diesel in your city daily via SMS. Indian Oil (IOC) Consumer RSP<डीलर कोड> HPCRICE by writing to number 9224992249 and HPCL consumer <डीलर कोड> Text can be sent to number 9222201122. BPCL Consumer RSP<डीलर कोड> Text can be sent to number 9223112222.

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