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Aadhar Card made very easy, your card will be made even without document


Aadhar Card made very easy, your card will be made even without document 1

new Delhi: In today’s date, if anything is most important in government papers, then that Aadhar Card Mandatory. Actually, from buying a SIM card to registering the house, the Aadhaar card has become extremely important. In such a situation, if someone does not have this Aadhaar card, then there is no end to his difficulties, but despite the desire of many times, people are not able to get the Aadhaar card made because they have a short document. This problem is very common in our country.

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Keeping in mind this problem of such people, UIDAI has started a new service, through which you can get your Aadhar card without valid documents even without documents. In this new service, you can get your Aadhaar card made through the Introducer. Documents will not be required to make Aadhaar card in this way. But the condition is that the Introducer should have an Aadhar card and it will be necessary to be physically present with the applicant at the registration center.

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This card will be valid for 3 months This card made with the help of an Introducer will be valid for 3 months. For this, the Introducer issues a certificate in the name of the applicant and its validity is three months.

Similarly, if you do not have an identity card or address proof, you can still apply for Aadhaar. In such a situation, your name should be included in a family document such as a Ration Card. Let us tell you that the head of the family can become the Introducer of other members of the family.

In recent times, due to corona and lockdown, many facilities related to Aadhar card have been made easy by the institute. Recently, the facility of Aadhar card reprint has also been provided. In this, you can reprint your card even if you do not have a mobile register. They also sit at home.


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