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After the lockdown, online buying and selling of vehicles increased, know how fast


After the lockdown, online buying and selling of vehicles increased, know how fast 1

New Delhi. Online use has increased in the purchase of vehicles since the lockdown caused by the corona virus epidemic. During this period, online vehicle sales have seen a 300 percent increase. The online automobile market Droom has released its annual Automobile Industry Trend Report claiming this.

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300 percent increase in online purchases
According to the report, online purchase sales of old vehicles have increased more than new vehicles. The report noted that the number of listings has increased by more than 300 percent since Kovid-19, reflecting the increase in online activity among consumers. The passion of the people of India for the white and silver color has been reaffirmed and the sales of these two colors vehicles are more than 50 percent of the total sales of the old cars.

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Increase in the choice of diesel cars
The choice of diesel-powered cars by people in India continues to increase, from 35 percent of total used cars sold in 2015 to 65 percent by 2020. Sandeep Aggarwal, founder and CEO (CEO) of Drum said, ***** At Drum, we are building a 21st century digital platform and ecosystem for buying and selling automobiles.

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It is clear that we are a pure-play online company and we have many petabytes data of automobile buyers, sellers, listings, brands, years and cities. With this data it is always a great pleasure to share top insights with the automobile industry fraternity.


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