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Arundhati Gold Scheme: Government will give 10 grams of gold in gifts on daughter’s wedding, know how to take benefits


Arundhati Gold Scheme: Government will give 10 grams of gold in gifts on daughter's wedding, know how to take benefits 1

new Delhi. Many different schemes are run by the Central and State Governments for the development of daughters and protecting their rights. This link also includes the ‘Arundhati Gold Scheme’ operated by the Government of Assam. In this, 10 grams of gold is given to the daughter as a gift from the state government. This helps the girl financially. If you also want to take advantage of this scheme, then you have to apply for it. So let’s know what is the process and the necessary conditions.

Scheme to protect the rights of daughters
The Arundhati Gold Scheme protects the rights of women registering marriages. The objective of the scheme is to facilitate the parents of the girl child who is not financially strong. Since every parent has a dream to gift their daughter some gold at the wedding. In such a situation, the state government is trying to strengthen every section of the society through the Arundhati scheme. This is why every daughter is given 10 grams of gold by the government on her marriage.

Who can apply for the scheme
1. To take advantage of Arundhati Swarna Yojana, the girl’s age should be at least 18 years. Also it is necessary to register his marriage.

2. To get the benefit of the scheme, the annual income of the bride’s family should be less than 5 lakh rupees.

3. The benefit of the scheme will be given only on the first marriage. Therefore, the girl’s age should be at least 18 and the boy’s age should be at least 21 years.

The level of education of girls will also improve
In many backward areas or villages, girls are married at an early age. Their studies are not completed by this. At the same time, their health is also affected. The Arundhati Scheme is being run by the Government of Assam for the purpose of removing this problem. The aim of the scheme is to make girls aware of education. They also have to provide financial assistance in the new journey of life.

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