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Be careful before buying gold! Your money can be trapped, know important things


Be careful before buying gold! Your money can be trapped, know important things 1

new Delhi.
Invest in Gold Bonds: If you are also planning to buy cheap gold (Gold Price), then you have to keep some things in mind. Recently, the Modi government has come out with the Sovereign Gold Bonds scheme, in which 24-carat gold is being sold online to the public. But, at the rate at which gold is being sold in this scheme, cheaper gold is being found in the market. Explain that in this scheme you can invest (Buy a Cheap Gold Chain) till 4 September 2020. Let us tell you that this is the last series of Gold Bonds this financial year.

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Investment for 8 years
You have to invest in Sovereign Gold Bonds for 8 years. Gold rates are steadily decreasing up and down. But, you are getting cheaper gold in the market than the gold you get from RBI. The RBI has kept the investment rate in Sovereign Gold Bonds at Rs 5117 per gram. At the same time, if the Indian Bullion Jewelers Association is talked about, then the rate of 24 carat gold on their website at 12 noon is Rs 5102 per gram. That is, there is a difference of Rs 15 per gram between the two.

Then what should we do?
If you want to invest in gold, then you can invest in gold ETFs and gold mutual funds at this time. Here you will get 24 carat pure gold. The special thing is that here you can sell gold anytime.

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Top 5 Gold Mutual Funds

  • HDFC Gold Fund has earned about 33.83% in 1 year.
  • Kotak Gold Fund Regular Plan Fund has given a return of about 32.97% in 1 year.
  • SBI Exchange Traded Fund Gold has given a return of about 31.04% in 1 year.
  • Fund Nippon India ETF Gold BES has given a return of about 30.77% in 1 year.
  • HDFC Gold Exchange Traded Fund has given a return of about 30.37% in 1 year.
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