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Before bringing IPO, Zomato is giving a chance to win 3 lakh rupees, will have to do this work


Before bringing IPO, Zomato is giving a chance to win 3 lakh rupees, will have to do this work 1

New Delhi. Food delivery company Zomato’s IPO is about to open soon. But before the IPO comes in the market, Zomato is giving investors a chance to win Rs 3 lakh. As part of its bug bounty program, Zomato has asked security researchers and ethical hackers to find bugs in its website and apps. If someone detects any kind of bug in Zomato’s app or website, then he can win up to Rs 3 lakh.

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In a statement issued by the company on HackerOne, it has been said that Zomato’s bug bounty program is an important part of security efforts. The company hopes that increasing the reward will prompt hacker groups to find more bugs. Zomato has categorized the bug vulnerability into low, medium, critical and high.

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Here are the reward parameters

Food delivery company Zomato has said that those who find CVSS 10.0 vulnerabilities will be given a prize of $ 4,000, or about Rs 3 lakh. Those with the vulnerability of CVCC 9.5 will get $3,000. Those finding lesser vulnerabilities than this will be awarded similarly. Actually, Zomato takes security features seriously. So that the company can live up to its community commitments. For this purpose, the company has said that if you are a security researcher or expert and you believe that you have found a security related issue on Zomato’s website or apps, then you will be responsibly rewarded for it.

What will be the price of Zomato IPO

Band The price band for the shares in the Zomato IPO is likely to be in the range of Rs 72 to Rs 76. At the same time, Zomato has also increased the size of its IPO. Now Zomato will raise around Rs 9,375 crore from the stock market.

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