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Before Dhanteras, silver utensils became expensive, know how much gold has become expensive


Before Dhanteras, silver utensils became expensive, know how much gold has become expensive 1

new Delhi. Deepawali is near. Dhanteras will come before that. On that day, common people also buy gold or silver items. Talking of silver, many people buy silver utensils that day. In such a situation, they may have to pay more. The price of silver has once again crossed 66 thousand rupees. While the price of gold is also increasing. According to experts, the price of gold and silver is increasing in the foreign market. The cause is due to the Corona virus in American and European countries. The lockdown process has started once again in some European countries. Let us also tell you how much gold and silver prices have become.

Gold intensifies in foreign markets
First of all, in the foreign markets, gold and silver are seeing a boom. The reason is the corona virus and its recurring lockdown in some countries of the world. Currently, gold on Comex has come down to $ 1959 an ons. While the price of silver is around $ 26. In the European market, gold is trading at 1648 euros ons and silver at around 22 euros per ons. British gold is trading at 1487.43 pounds and silver at 19.54 pounds per ounce.

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Gold and silver up in Indian markets
On the other hand, gold and silver are seeing a boom in the Indian futures market. First of all, if gold is trading at Rs. 52,311 per ten grams with a gain of Rs. 144 at 12.25 pm. While gold rose to a high of Rs 52,520 a day. Earlier gold today opened at Rs 52,270 per ten grams. Similarly, there has been an increase in silver prices. Currently, silver is trading at Rs 65,898 per kg, up by Rs 563. While silver today reached Rs 66,463 per kg. Earlier, silver opened at Rs 65,900 per kg.

What do you know
The rise in the prices of gold and silver in foreign markets is due to increasing cases of Corona virus. Apart from European countries, the cases of corona virus have been seen once again in the USA and other countries of the world. Because of which investors have a tendency towards gold and silver as well. Due to which the prices have remained sharp. According to experts, gold and silver may increase further in the coming days.


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