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Bhagyashree Scheme: Girls from poor families will also become self-reliant, government will take up the responsibility of studies


Bhagyashree Scheme: Girls from poor families will also become self-reliant, government will take up the responsibility of studies 1

new Delhi. Despite changing times, the thinking towards girls in the country is still quite narrow. In such a situation, when they are born in the economically weaker section, the condition gets worse. With a view to make such girls educated and self-reliant, the Government of Karnataka has run Bhagyashree Scheme. It not only costs the birth and education of the daughter. Rather, financial support is also given to the parents of the girl child so that her family does not have any problem in the upbringing of the girl.

What is plan
Under the Bhagyashree scheme, efforts are being made to promote the birth of girls and change the attitude of people towards them. In this, the government borrows everything from the education of the daughter to the health care of her parents. The benefit of this scheme is given to girls from BPL or below poverty line families.

Key things related to the scheme
The benefit of the scheme can be availed only if the girl’s name is registered in the scheme within one year of its birth. Also, the girl child should not be a child laborer. He should be adequately vaccinated with the Health Department. The beneficiary is required to complete studies till 8th grade and should not get married before the age of 18 years. To take advantage of the scheme, online applications can be downloaded from the official website of the government. You can contact Anganwadi Center, Gram Panchayat Office, NGOs and authorized banks, Municipal Corporation, Deputy Director of Women and Child Development or Child Development Project Officer (CDPO).

This kind of financial help will be given
1. Girls get Rs 25,000. Health insurance cover up to per month
2. Girl is given annual scholarship for studies. In which 300 to 1,000 rupees are given according to his age. These are given to him till the 10th grade.
3. Health insurance of parents of the girl child is also available under the scheme. Therefore, you get 1 lakh rupees for accidents and up to 42,500 rupees for natural death.
4. There is no problem in raising the daughter, so on completion of the girl’s age of 18 years from the government, the parents get Rs. 34,751.

These documents will be needed
While applying for the scheme, the birth certificate of the girl child, income certificate of the parents, BPL card and girl card will be required to have a bank statement. Also, details of Jan Dhan account will have to be given. Through which the money sent by the government will come directly to the beneficiary’s account. This will not be fraudulent.

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