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Big disclosure: Banks looting customers in the name of service, recovered 300 crores


Big disclosure: Banks looting customers in the name of service, recovered 300 crores 1

New Delhi . A study by IIT Bombay has revealed that the country’s largest public sector banks and some big banks are making big money in the name of services from the account of the poor. It has been said in the study that be it a savings account or a Jan Dhan account, these big banks are collecting heavily from the poor. SBI has deducted a charge of Rs 17.70 on each withdrawal after every four withdrawals from the account holders of the Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account. The bank has recovered Rs 308 crore from its 12 crore BSBD account holders in the name of the service. This amount has been recovered in 6 years.

Punjab National Bank’s hall-
Punjab National Bank is also not far behind. It has 3.9 crore number of BSBD account holders from whom it has raised Rs 9.9 crore in the name of services. In fact, these banks deduct a small amount from the accounts of small people and collect a hefty amount of money.

Recovery in the name of these charges
In the name of a bank statement
In the name of checking balance
Charge is also charged on mini statement
After limit withdrawal
Named after Home Branch and Non Home Branch
In the name of generating mobile alert or PIN
On getting a new ATM card
On knowing the status of the check
Money transfer charge
Card PIN Re-set Charge

Violation of RBI rules –
The report said that these big banks are also in direct violation of RBI rules. According to the report, the name of SBI is the first to violate the rules of RBI. This bank has even charged a charge of Rs 17.70 after four withdrawals from customers in digital transactions.

It says RBI rule –
As per RBI rules, no bank can charge any type of charge on this account as long as the BSBD account i.e. Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account is in the savings account. As per RBI rules, the bank cannot levy any charges on such accounts. Even after four withdrawals, it is not right to charge them.

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