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Booster dose by RBI boosts health sector, stocks of 20 pharma companies rise 2 to 10%


Booster dose by RBI boosts health sector, stocks of 20 pharma companies rise 2 to 10% 1

New Delhi. Due to the booster dose of RBI, stocks of pharma companies are seeing a boom today. Out of the 30 companies registered in the Sensex, shares of 20 companies are seeing a rise in the range of 2% to 10%. Hikal is the biggest gainer in the shares of the company. Lupine, Pfizer and Sun Pharma companies are seeing a boom in the stock. Today the pharma sector was open at a rapid pace. Today, it is expected that the pharma sector today shatters its 52-week-high record one day old.

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Pharma sector boom
Today, the pharma sector is witnessing a boom environment. Presently, the pharma sector is trading at 23709.74 points with a gain of 384.23 points. While today the pharma sector opened at 23417.95 points. Also reached the day’s high with 23861.40 points. Whereas the day before, there was a lot of ups and downs in the pharma sector. During the trading session on Tuesday, it had reached 52 weeks high with 23870.67 points. While the bandh was held at 23325.51 points.


These stocks are seeing a boom
If we talk about the shares of registered companies, then 20 out of 30 companies are seeing an atmosphere of boom. Hikal has an upper circuit of 10 per cent. While Lupine shares are also seeing a gain of 9.16 percent. Sun Pharma, Pfizer and Torrent Pharma are seeing a gain of over 3 per cent. Cadila shares are seeing a gain of over 4.50 per cent. On the other hand, from Gland Pharma to Apollo, there is a decline of up to 5%.

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RBI has given 50 thousand crores to health
RBI has announced a package of Rs 50,000 crore for providing affordable loans to companies and other units related to Kovid Infrastructure and to the common people for treatment of Kovid, which will be available at the repo rate. RBI Chairman Shaktikanta Das said that the bank would give loans to vaccine companies, pharmaceutical companies, equipment needed to treat Kovid, oxygen and ventilator companies, its importers, hospitals, nursing homes and pathology laboratories at repo rates. Will be able to This loan will also be available to the connected logistics service providers. Apart from this, common people will also get loans in the same category for treatment of Kovid. This loan will be given in the ‘priority’ category and will remain in the same category till the loan is repaid or its term expires. Banks will be able to give this loan till 31 March 2022. Its maximum duration will be three years.


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