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Budget 2021: Farmers will be able to sell crops online from e-NAM portal, these benefits will also be included


Budget 2021: Farmers will be able to sell crops online from e-NAM portal, these benefits will also be included 1

new Delhi. The government made several announcements for the farmers in the budget between the Corona period and the agitation of the peasant movement. Apart from this, emphasis was also laid on expansion of already run government schemes and making people aware of them. While presenting the budget for the financial year 2021-22, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman also mentioned the e-nam scheme being run by the central government. Through this, farmers can sell their crop directly online. This will relieve them from the mess of middlemen. It is a portal through which farmers can connect to any corner of the country.

What is e-name
It is an e-agriculture portal. It provides markets at the national level to sell agricultural products. Through this, the farmer can live in any part of the country and sell his produce. For this, they will not have to wander around or get caught in the middle of the middlemen. E-Naam i.e. National Agriculture Market Portal was launched by the government in April 2016.

These facilities are available
In this agriculture portal, 18 states of the country have been linked together. The different mandis present here have been done online. Through which farmers will be able to trade widely. By selling the produce on this portal, the farmers will be able to take the money directly from the customer. This will make them more profitable. Because of the interference of the middlemen, they could not get much benefit. A choice of 8 languages ​​is available in the portal. You can choose your language conveniently.

Procedure for registration in portal
To join this online portal, the farmer has to register himself. Click on the link for this. Go to registration and fill in your email. After this a temporary ID will come to your mail. You can use it according to your modification. During this time, fill the information related to your personal details and photocopy the necessary documents. After registration you will be able to sell the produce in it. So far, about 1.68 crore farmers have been registered in it.


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