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Budget 2022 Education: Government should focus on virtual education, it is necessary to remove the digital divide

Budget 2022 Education: Government should focus on virtual education, it is necessary to remove the digital divide

EdTech Budget: In the education sector, the general budget expects big expenditure on digital infrastructure

New Delhi:

The two years of Corona have further widened the inequality gap in the modern education system. Education experts and edutech experts say that in the general budget only Budget Education Instead of increasing it, the government will have to pay special attention to strengthen the digital infrastructure in education at the primary and secondary level, only then the new education policy will be successful. Education experts say that virtual education has now become a reality, so government education cannot be kept away from it. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present the general budget on February 1.

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Vineet Nair, founder of Sampark Foundation, says that Kovid-19 has further hit the weak system of learning, writing and reading for poor children at the lowest level in the education system. Therefore, the services of edutech startups should be taken immediately in the government primary and secondary level education learning system. The budget of teachers training program should also be increased manifold. Some policy announcements are also to be made to curb the trend of making education a business.

Manav Subodh, co-founder of 1M1B Foundation (1Million for 1 Billion), says that the launch of Metaverse has brought revolutionary changes in the education world of India. It can play a big role in education system and skilling in rural-urban India in India. Subodh says that training and future skilling through artificial intelligence and virtual reality will go a long way. Lakhs of employment opportunities will also be available. Therefore, education fund should be allocated for Metaverse, AR-VR. For the last seven years, 1M1B has trained more than 10,000 school teachers and more than 15,000 students. Of these, more than 500 schools are in small towns. Metaverse is a great opportunity to democratize the entire content and with a good phone and a good internet connection, all the training can be available to the youth in any part of India.

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In subjects like science, technology, engineering and maths, we have to adopt these metaverses ahead of time in content development i.e. curriculum preparation, training and teaching sessions, it is necessary to make it a part of the new education policy. Metaverse can also make education training easy and accessible. To make them proficient on the technology round. Open source content can be created easily through Metaverse. Meta/Facebook’s partnership with CBSE is a step in this direction. Sparsh Garg, CEO of India’s leading edtech startup Educlouds said that the number of edtech startups has reached 3500 in a year.

By 2030, the edtech business in India will reach 10 trillion dollars. He says that the reach of virtual education or online education platform is increasing in rural areas along with cities, but the need for equal access to them will have to be met by the budget. Tax exemption for the edtech startup ecosystem with internet, better electricity infrastructure, affordable connectivity and data protection system will also have to be taken care of in the Union Budget. It is also necessary to pay attention that gadgets like mobiles, laptops should not be expensive. Only then will India be able to become a global hub of digital education. There will be a big change in this sector with 100% FDI.

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