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CAT to support Indian company Future Group against foreign company Amazon


CAT to support Indian company Future Group against foreign company Amazon 1

new Delhi . The Confederation of All India Traders (CAT) Confederation of All India Traders has accused Amazon of illegally capturing Indian companies and said that it was trying to unauthorize the foreign company Amazon and the Indian company Future Group. Will support the Indian company in this fight.

E-commerce companies will be arbitrary shut down, CAT will agitate

CAT will support the Indian company in the national interest
Kat said, “Of course there are differences of businessmen with the Indian company Future Group, but in the national interest, in this fight of foreign company and Indian company, CAT will openly support the Indian company.” CAT also questioned the silence of industry organizations like FICCI and CII on the matter and asked why these organizations have not spoken on the matter yet. It seems that there is no vested interest of these organizations somewhere behind it.

Kat gave memorandum to Finance Minister
Kat said, “Our differences with the Indian company are an internal matter of the country, which we will resolve, but it will not be tolerated if a foreign company acquires the Indian company in an unethical manner.” CAT has also sent a memorandum to the Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal on 4 November demanding strict action against Amazon.

Kat charged on Amazon –
CAT’s National General Secretary Pravin Khandelwal said that businessmen in India are very worried about Amazon destroying their business, because Amazon is bent on destroying their business and that’s why Amazon has to go all the way to take possession of India’s retail business. For anything, it is conducting arbitrary business activities by taking an authorized or unauthorized route. He said, “We demanded immediate action from the Commerce Minister and the Finance Minister. To restore the trust of the traders in the laws and rules of the government on this issue, CAT has filed a suit against the RBI, SEBI and the Enforcement Directorate against Amazon under the relevant Acts and Rules.” Has also demanded to initiate action. “

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