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Center reprimands Infosys for flaws in income tax portal, gives deadline to fix

Center reprimands Infosys for flaws in income tax portal, gives deadline to fix

Government summons Infosys CEO over persistent lapses in new income tax portal

New Delhi :
The government has taken a tough stand regarding the flaws in the new portal for filing Income Tax Return Portal. Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman reprimanded the company’s CEO Salit Parekh for persistent flaws in the new income tax portal set up by Infosys Company and gave a deadline to rectify all the flaws.

Important information related to the case:

  1. The Finance Minister summoned the CEO of the company and sought clarification regarding the upcoming problem. Salil Parekh explained to the Finance Minister and senior officials for over an hour and explained the steps taken to plug the loopholes.

  2. The CEO of Infosys was summoned after the portal remained closed for two consecutive days. The Income Tax Department, a part of the Finance Ministry, had gone in a tweet asking the CEO to explain why the problems were not resolved even two months after the portal was launched.

  3. Infosys launched this portal (online tax portal) more than two months ago. The Income Tax Department had given information about summoning Infosys officials on Sunday, when the Income Tax Department had said to keep the portal closed for two days, citing the repair of the portal (e-filing portal).

  4. Infosys had tweeted on Sunday saying, emergency maintenance services are going on on the portal. When the portal becomes available again, its information will be given to the taxpayers. Sorry for the inconvenience. Even a day earlier, the company had said that the portal would not be available for the time being due to the pre-determined maintenance.

  5. The portal was launched in June and after that the Finance Minister tweeted to Infosys and its co-founder Nandan Nilekani. In this, the company was asked to redress the complaints and technical problems and appealed not to shame the taxpayers.

  6. Nandan Nilekani, in his reply to the Finance Minister, had said that within a week all the things on the portal would be stable and within a week the disturbances would be resolved.

  7. Infosys CEO Salil Parekh and COO Pravin Rao had admitted that there were some technical issues in the functioning of the portal. After the meeting, this official information was given regarding the problems related to the portal.

  8. Nirmala Sitharaman had said last week that the technical flaws in the e-filing portal would be fixed in the next few days. She had said that she is constantly giving attention to Infosys News about this. He had told that Nandan Nilekani has assured him that in the next few days all major problems will be resolved.

  9. Infosys was given the contract to prepare the next generation income tax filing system in the year 2019. So that the processing time of tax returns can be reduced to one day from the existing 63 days and refund is issued faster. To be. The government has paid Rs 164.5 crore to Infosys for the development of the portal till June 2021.

  10. This is the second project of Infosys, which has run into trouble. GSTN Portal was prepared, which was for payment of GST and filing of returns. Infosys had to face heavy criticism due to slow services and problems regarding the GSTN portal.

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