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Central government’s decision to open new air routes, Delhi to Mumbai will arrive in one hour and 35 minutes


The decision of the Central Government to open new air routes will save 20-25% of the air travel time in the coming days. Experts believe that if the government talks to other countries on flight routes as well as foreign routes within the country, then the flight time can be reduced. Arvind Singh, a pilot by profession and an expert in aviation sector, told in a conversation with Hindustan that in the present era, almost all the major cities from Delhi have to travel through many areas to fly.

Time saving between Delhi to Kolkata and Chennai

According to him, it took two to two hours and ten minutes to travel from Delhi to Mumbai. And if a direct route is given now, we will reach in one hour and 35 minutes. The same situation will be seen between Delhi to Kolkata and Chennai. Talking about international flights, he said that the journey between Delhi and Bangkok is four hours, now it can be decided in three and a half hours. Also, between Delhi and London also, if the government talks to the countries coming between this route, then about two hours’ savings can be made.

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He said that the government has not taken any relief measures other than changing the route for aviation. The government should have taken steps like tax exemption. Also, signs should have been given to start the service so that the industry which has been suffering for a long time will get relief. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the opening of new routes for the aviation sector during the announcement of Self-Reliant India Package. He told that only 60 per cent of the airspace in the country is available for flight and the rest has been banned for years. The government will remove these restrictions in a phased manner, which will benefit Rs 1,000 crore annually.

This step will not only save air fuel but will also reduce the fuel import bill. The decision to open a new route will provide relief to the environment and the biggest benefit will be to the passengers who will be able to reach the destination in less time than before. At the same time, the pilot will also get a chance to complete the flight in a short time.

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