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Coinbase to Focus on Coinbase Earn and Shutdown



  • Coinbase to close and plans to focus on its in-house development program Coinbase Earn program.
  • Coinbase plans to expand itself by investing in Cryptocurrency education and would be connecting to more blockchain networks and expanding the user base.

The cryptocurrency exchange of San Francisco, Coinbase has announced its plans to shut down the through email and has plans to focus on the program that it developed called the Coinbase Earn program as reported’.

Coinbase attained recently in April 2018. developed chips and hardware for crypto mining when it was launched initially in the year 2013; later, the cryptocurrency experts would be earning the cryptocurrencies by carrying out a few small tasks like answering the emails. With time more and more cryptocurrency influencers joined and would answer the questions through emails for a specific price and was quite successful.

However, the Earn program that was started at the end of last year rewarded the users with cryptocurrencies by educating themselves about the cryptocurrencies like a certain amount of free cryptocurrencies were given out for trying new decentralized protocols, completing other related tasks, etc. Coinbase Earn is available to over more than 115 countries and has distributed millions of dollars worth of free cryptocurrency coins till now claims Coinbase.  

In the email, Coinbase has mentioned, “Coinbase will start scaling Coinbase Earn even further by adding more campaigns to the platform, to connect more blockchain networks with engaged crypto users.”

One of the main hurdles in adopting and development of the cryptocurrency is the education and awareness of the Digital assets in people. And investing in Cryptocurrency education is a smart move for the achievement of incomplete adoption of cryptocurrency. Many of the firms have been taking this initiative recently. This initiative of Coinbase is also trying to cover a broad user base and attract more user traffic as well.

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