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Corona raises investor concern, may decline in stock market again


Corona raises investor concern, may decline in stock market again 1

New Delhi. The movement of the country’s stock market will be decided by global signals this week. However, there will be concern among investors about the growing case of Corona in the country. The market will also keep an eye on the price of crude oil and the movement of the domestic currency rupee against the dollar in the international market. At the same time, the effects of the US bond market will remain on the Indian stock market. The clouds of despair created by the return of Corona’s havoc are not yet over. The number of new cases of corona virus infection remained at the highest level since 25 November last year on Saturday, so the shadow of corona will remain on the stock market this week. But at the same time, investors are also watching the progress of the vaccination program.

Market pressure can be sustained
Experts say that the most important factor in deciding the direction of the domestic stock market at this time is the US bond market because foreign investors withdraw their money from the Indian stock market in the hope of getting higher returns from the bond, which keeps selling pressure. . This was one of the major reasons for the decline in the country’s stock market in the early sessions of last week. Therefore, the movement of the domestic stock market this week will also depend on the stance of the US bond market.

Dollar index will be monitored
At the same time, the strength of the US dollar against the six major currencies of the world has seen strength in the ***** Dollar Index over the last few days, so the market index will also be looking at the trends of the Dollar Index. Also, the rise or slowdown in the price of crude oil in the international market will also have an impact on the domestic stock market.

Data will be released
During this week, the loan prime rate in China will be announced on Tuesday, and on Thursday the figures for the February month order for durable goods will be released in the US. Apart from this, some other major economic data which will be released during the week will also be looked at by investors. Experts say that this week mainly two major factors will determine the country’s stock market move, including a US bond yield and Corona’s return of havoc.


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