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Domestic gas cylinder prices may change every week from new year


Domestic gas cylinder prices may change every week from new year 1

new Delhi. For the common people of the country, big news is coming out about the price of domestic gas cylinder. According to the information, the price of domestic gas cylinders can be changed every week from the new year. In fact, gas cylinder prices change on the first of every month. Changes occurred twice in the month of December, gas cylinders increased to 100 rupees. Given this, there is an expectation from the gas cylinder distributors that from next year onwards, the companies may change the price every week.

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Companies will benefit common people
According to experts, due to the daily changes in the prices of petroleum products, petrol petroleum companies are thinking about changing the price of gas cylinders every week. If companies are to be believed, then this common people will benefit both companies. The proposal has been sent by the companies to the Union Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. Which is under negotiation.

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Petrol and diesel prices change every day
Petrol and diesel prices are fixed daily at 6 o’clock. Due to which the oil companies easily adjust it daily if there is any change in the oil prices. On the other hand, there is a change in the price of LPG once a month. Because of which companies have to bear losses throughout the month. According to experts, it was created by companies to reduce losses.


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