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Elon Musk lost Rs 38,78,58,77,00,000 in 40 days, how much less property than Jeff Bezos


Elon Musk lost Rs 38,78,58,77,00,000 in 40 days, how much less property than Jeff Bezos 1

New Delhi. The last 40 days have been very volatile for Elon Musk. Where Elon Musk’s assets reached $ 210 billion. Now it has come to 150 billion dollars. Since January 25, his wealth has seen a drop of nearly $ 53 billion. The reason for this is the decline in Tesla’s shares. Tesla shares hit a 4-month low on Friday. Because of which Elon Musk’s property has also seen a decline. Now the wealth of Jeff Bezos and Musk has come to a difference of $ 20 billion.

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Musk’s assets fall
– Elon Musk’s assets currently stand at $ 157 billion.
– While Elon Musk’s wealth reached $ 210 billion on January 25.
– That is, in about two months, Elon Musk’s property lost $ 53 billion.
– According to Indian rupees, there has been a loss of Rs 38,78,58,77,00,000.
– If we talk on an annual basis, there has been a decline of $ 12.8 billion.
– At the same time, Musk’s assets were reduced by $ 5.34 billion by the time the market closed on Friday.
– Musk’s assets now decrease by $ 20 billion compared to Jeff Bezos.
– Jeff Bezos currently has total assets of $ 177 billion.

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Tesla shares decline became big reason
– Since January 25, Tesla shares have seen a big drop.
– On January 25, Tesla’s stock closed at $ 880.80.
– Tesla stock closed at $ 597.95 on the last trading day of the previous week.
– On Friday, Tesla’s stock has fallen by 3.78 percent, ie $ 23.49.
– Since January 25, Tesla’s stock has come down to $ 282.85.
– Tesla shares have reached a 4-month low due to the latest fall.
– On December 4, Tesla’s stock was below $ 600.
– In 2020 Tesla shares were up 743 percent.

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