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Even after gold is expensive, it is getting around 10 thousand rupees cheaper, buy today only


Even after gold is expensive, it is getting around 10 thousand rupees cheaper, buy today only 1

New Delhi. Today, the price of gold and the price of silver are seen rising. In fact, the lockdown has started due to Corona virus epidemic in many cities of the country and the world. Because of which, investors’ stance has once again started investing in gold. Gold has become more expensive by Rs 100 and silver by Rs 400 in the Indian futures market. The special thing is that even after getting expensive gold, 10 thousand rupees is cheaper. Let us also tell you how much gold and silver prices have become.

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Gold and silver prices fall
Currently, gold is trading up by Rs 113 per ten gram at Rs 46,310 per ten gram in the futures market at 10.25 am. Whereas gold today opened at Rs 46,335 per ten grams. During the trading session, gold rose to a day’s high of Rs 46,366 per ten grams. Talking about the price of silver, silver is trading up by Rs 408 per kg at Rs 69,420 per kg at 10.25 am. Silver today opened at Rs 69,337 per kg.

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Gold is cheaper now by 10 thousand rupees
Even today gold is expensive by 10 thousand rupees from the highest level. In fact, gold reached Rs 56,191 per ten grams in the first week of August. Whereas today gold fell to a low of Rs 46,238 per ten grams. That is, gold is still cheaper at Rs 9,953 per ten grams. While talking about silver, it is still declining. Silver reached Rs 79980 per kg in August 2020. Whereas today silver fell to a low of Rs 69,319 per kg. That is, even today silver is cheaper by Rs 400 to Rs 10,661 per kg.

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