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Expected 2021 – Economic growth will blossom, business activities will improve


Expected 2021 - Economic growth will blossom, business activities will improve 1

We used the historical Corona period. Used this time to adopt his necessary reforms. These have laid the foundations that will ensure India’s strong future. Long-standing labor reforms were carried out. The rules were simplified to promote ease of doing business. The Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme launched for 13 specific sectors will bring massive investment. Units hitting the world will stand. Employment will be provided and exports will increase. For industries that want to exit China, India will remain a priority. The definition of small and small scale industries was changed. Due to the old definition, many times the businessman did not want to increase his business beyond the prescribed limit. We talked to NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Rajiv Kumar about how the market will be in the coming year 2021.

Yesterday …
True, Corona disrupted every aspect of our jobs, businesses and markets. But we, the people of India, stood up together to compete. The result is that in the quarter ending in December, our economic pace will be as much as last year. Before the next financial year, we would have fully recovered from it.

Meaning of the first recession and recovering from it –
It was a sudden global disaster. We are getting out fast. The next fiscal year will see a 10 percent increase in GDP. It is expected in later years, it will be 7.5 to 8 percent. We will reach 5 trillion economy in the coming years. They will increase the pace of economic development and will also make development sustainable and sustainable.

Farming farmers
Necessary reform steps have been taken to strengthen the agricultural sector. Many farmers are understanding this. The rest will also understand. This will increase investment in agriculture and open up new possibilities. India will emerge as a major agricultural exporting country. Along with this, NITI Aayog is working on a large scale to promote chemical-free farming. This will reduce costs, increase the benefit of farmers. We will have a special place in the global market. Not only chemicals, water, electricity consumption will be reduced. The emission of toxic gases will decrease. The organic carbon content of the land will increase. The environment will benefit. India will lead the world in agro-ecology. This will only happen in the next few years.

When and how will you return to tourism?
It is being made safe for the people by taking many necessary precautions from the tourism industry. People’s trust in the treatment with the vaccine will increase further. Also, many more serious efforts are taking place during this time. Many circuits are being built, circuits of Buddhist and Hindu temples. Natural adventure circuits are being prepared. Infrastructure is being prepared and all concerned parties are being trained. Will be back here soon. People will also get employment here again.


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