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For the second time in history, gold gave more than 30 percent annual return


For the second time in history, gold gave more than 30 percent annual return 1

new Delhi. 2020 will be known as Corona Year. During which the price of gold reached a level. This was the second time in the Indian gold market, when the return on investing in gold was more than 30 percent. Whereas in the international market, gold could not break 2010 record with 24% return. The year is not over yet. In such a situation, it can be said that the figure of returns in gold can increase further. Let us also tell you how much gold has risen in the international market and Indian market compared to last year and till now it has given so much returns.

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Gold up 32 percent in Indian market
– The futures price of gold was Rs 39,100 per ten grams as on 31 December 2019.
– On December 15, 2020, gold futures price was Rs 50,679.50 per ten grams.
During this time, the price of gold has seen a return of 32.43 percent. – Whereas in 2019 gold gave a return of 20.71 percent.
– Gold has seen a return of 37.52 percent in 2011.
This year, gold has reached the all-time hike with Rs 57,100 per ten grams.

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Gold returns in futures market in ten years

year Price in futures market (Rs. 10 per gram) Annual Return (in percent)
2020 50,679.5 32.43
2019 38,269 20.71
2018 31,702 7.11
2017 29,598 -1.61
2016 30,082 17.11
2015 25,686 -6.53
2014 27,481 -7.86
2013 29,826 -6.14
2012 31,778 16.15
2011 27,359 37.52

Gold up 24 percent in foreign markets
At the same time, if you talk about the foreign markets, the 24 per cent rise in gold or, say, the returns have been seen. As per the data, 31 December 2019 was close to 1523 Oans per dollar. Which has currently reached $ 1883 per ounce. Whereas in 2019, this return was seen at 18.9 percent. At the same time, in 2010, the price of gold saw the highest return of 29.7 percent.

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What do you know
According to Ajay Kedia, director of Kedia Commodities, gold has been the highest investment in Kovid era. Due to which there has been a rise in the price, but the price was increased due to the economic recession that came ten years ago. Did not grow that much. Ajay Gupta, deputy vice president (commodity and research), Angel Broking, said that for the second time in the past decade in the Corona era, gold has given more than 30 per cent returns in the Indian market. In 2010-11, there was a faster growth.


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