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Furore in the market before Holi, loss of 7 lakh crores in two days


Furore in the market before Holi, loss of 7 lakh crores in two days 1

New Delhi. Holi has completely engulfed the red color on the stock market. The stock market has seen a fall of over 1500 points in two days. Due to which investors have lost about Rs 7 lakh crore in these two days. Experts believe that there is a closing on March 31 and investors have made up their mind to withdraw their money. The second reason is the corona virus. Because of which a lockdown has been imposed in Europe. At the same time, lockdown has been done in some cities in India too. In such a situation, investors are scared. Because of which they are profiteering profusely. By the way, the Sensex has closed with a loss of 740 points and the Nifty by 225 points.

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The market has come down to a 40-day low
Today, the stock market saw a decline for the second consecutive day. The Bombay Stock Exchange’s flagship index Sensex lost 740.19 points to close at 48,440.12 points. While the National Stock Exchange’s major index Nifty 50 fell by 224.50 points to close at 14,324.90 points. According to experts, the stock market may continue to decline in those days. BSE Small Cap 378.86, BSE Mid-Cap 446.64 and Foreign Investors Index CNX Midcap closed down by 476.50 points. While the sectoral index has seen the largest decline in consumer durables sector and auto sector.

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7 lakh crore loss to investors
On the other hand, market investors have suffered huge losses in two days. The loss and gain of market investors is linked to the market cap of BSE. The market cap of BSE was Rs 2,05,76,061.90 crore after the market closed on Tuesday. Whereas after the market closed today, the market cap came to Rs 1,98,92,302.79 crore. That is, the market cap of BSE has reduced by Rs 683759.11 crore during this period. This is the loss of market investors.

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What do you know?
At the same time, the stock market expert Rajneesh Khosla says that the market will continue to have a downward trend till the month of April. By the way, the Nifty is going to go below the 13,600 mark. The 13700 and 13800 points will remain at a low level. He told that presently the corona virus is more in the market due to more technical reasons. The PE ratio is increased. The bond market figures are sharp. Due to which the market is witnessing profit booking.

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