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Gold and silver filled with hunger before Janta Curfew Anniversary, know how much the price


Gold and silver filled with hunger before Janta Curfew Anniversary, know how much the price 1

New Delhi. Gold and silver price has started to increase once again. The special thing is that before the anniversary of Janata curfew in the country, the price of gold and silver has started picking up. Gold is witnessing a spurt in the price of gold due to the lockdown in the analogy of the Fed Reserve not raising interest rates and the lockdown in India and failure of the vaccine across the world. On the other hand, due to the demand of gold in Asian countries, both gold and silver are seeing an increase. Let us also tell you how much the price of gold and silver has increased. Also, how much faster can one see in the coming days.

Gold became costlier by Rs 271 in a week
If you look at the data of the futures market Multi Commodity Exchange, then the price of gold has seen a rise in the past week. According to the data, the price of gold had closed at Rs 44,750 per ten grams on March 12. On March 19, gold prices closed at 45,021 per ten grams. That is, there has been a rise of Rs 271 per ten grams in the last one week.

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Silver became costlier by Rs. 683
At the same time, there has been a rise in the price of silver. According to the data of the Multi Commodity Exchange, the price of silver had closed at Rs 66,844 per kg on 12 March. While on March 19, the price of gold closed at Rs 67,527 per kg. That is, during this time, the price of silver has been seen at Rs 683 per kg. Silver can become more expensive in the coming days.

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What do you know?
Ajay Kedia, director of Kedia Advisor, says that the price of gold and silver is due to the rise in price. The first is the Fed’s refusal to raise interest rates. In other countries and the world, Corona has increased again and lockdown has started. Third countries are seeing the side effects of the vaccine. Because of which, orders for estrogena are being canceled. At the same time, demand for gold and silver is increasing in Asian countries including India. Due to which, the price of gold and silver is seen increasing. It is expected to reach 50 thousand rupees again in the coming days.

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