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Gold and silver price: gold and silver become expensive, know how much the price has become


Gold and silver price: gold and silver become expensive, know how much the price has become 1

new Delhi. Gold and silver have become expensive in India to the US and Europe to UK markets. On the first day of the week, the price of gold and silver on the Indian futures market, ie Multi Commodity Exchange, is seeing a rise of 0.50%. At the same time, the markets of USA and Europe and UK are also seeing a boom. According to experts, we may see more speed in the coming days. In fact, in some countries of the world, the effect of corona infection is quite strong right now. At the same time, due to the new strain of Corona, there has been a lockdown in the UK. Due to which, the price of gold and silver is increasing. Let us also tell you at what price gold and silver are currently trading.

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Gold on MCX becomes expensive
Gold on the Indian futures market Multi Commodity Exchange is currently trading at Rs 49,315 per ten gram with a gain of Rs 175 per ten gram at 10 pm at 7 pm. On the trading day, gold had also reached the upper level of Rs 49,346 per ten grams. Gold opened at Rs 49,155 per ten grams this morning. On Friday, gold had closed at Rs 49,140 per ten grams.

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Silver also rises
On the other hand, the price of silver in the futures market is also increasing. Silver is trading at Rs 66850 per kg, rising by Rs 308 per kg in the evening at 7.10 pm. Whereas silver also came to Rs 67,214 per kg on the trading day. Today silver opened at Rs 66,896 per kg. 66,642 per kg was closed on the last trading day of the previous week.

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Gold and silver in foreign markets
America: In the US, gold is trading at $ 1867.30 an ons, up by $ 7.40 an ons, while silver is up 0.62 per cent at $ 25.72 an ons.

Europe: Gold is trading at 1534.21 Euros ons, with a gain of 9.18 Euros ons, while Silver is trading up 0.77 per cent at 21.11 Euros ons.

UK: In the UK, gold is trading at 1362.44 pounds per ounce, up by 6.31 pounds per ounce. While silver is trading at 0.75 per cent to 18.75 pounds on ons.

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