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Gold and Silver Price: Gold became cheaper by 12 thousand rupees in 180 days, today the price has come down


Gold and Silver Price: Gold became cheaper by 12 thousand rupees in 180 days, today the price has come down 1

Gold And Silver Price. No one thought that there would be a big fall in the price of gold and silver in only 180. Today, gold has become cheaper by 12 thousand rupees per ten grams since August 2020. While the price of silver has seen a drop of around Rs 17500 per kg. According to experts, this decline may continue in the coming days. In fact, the rise in bond yields and the rise in the dollar has led to a fall in the price of gold and silver. Industrial demand is less visible. This is why gold and silver have become cheaper.

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Gold is getting cheaper in India continuously
There is a continuous decline in the price of gold in the Indian futures market. Currently, gold is trading at Rs 44,314 per ten gram, falling by Rs 109 at 3 pm. However, during the trading session, the price of gold had reached Rs 44251 per ten grams. Today, gold opened at Rs 44,305 per ten grams at 9 am and closed at Rs 44,423 per kg on Tuesday. In August 2020, gold prices reached an all-time hike of Rs 56191 per ten grams. In such a situation, gold has been reduced by about 22 per cent, or Rs 12,000 today. Whereas in 2020, the price of gold was seen by 31 per cent.

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Silver also declines
There is a big fall in the price of silver in the Indian futures market. Today, silver is trading down by Rs 223 per kg at 3 pm and Rs 62901 per kg. During the trading session, silver touched the day’s low of Rs 62500 per kg. At 9 am, the price of silver opened at 62800 rupees. While silver closed at Rs 63,124 per kg on Tuesday night. According to experts, silver has come down to the low of December 2020. At the same time, it has become cheaper by Rs 17500 as compared to August 2020.

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Gold and silver prices in foreign markets
Gold is trading flat at $ 1685.90 an ons in New York’s Comex market. While Gold Spot is trading at $ 1685.69 per ons. Talking about silver at the same time, it is trading at $ 24.16 an ons. Silver spot prices are at $ 24.10 an ons.

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What do you know
Ajay Kedia, director of Kedia Advisory, says that at present, the price of gold has reached the low of April 2020. While silver has reached the level of December 2020. The reason is the rise in the dollar. At the same time, bond yields are also increasing. In the coming days, the price of gold and silver may fall further.


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