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Gold has become cheaper by Rs 1500 after the budget, know how many rupees cost today


Gold has become cheaper by Rs 1500 after the budget, know how many rupees cost today 1

new Delhi. There was a tremendous fall in the price of gold on the budget day. While silver was over 7 per cent faster. After that, silver declined sharply on Tuesday and the price fell more than 6 thousand rupees. Today again, silver has become expensive not only in domestic futures market but also in foreign markets. At the same time, gold is trading at a flat level. In the US, where there is a rise of 3 dollars. While the domestic futures market is seeing a gain of 50 rupees. According to experts, the effect of lower customs duty is clearly visible. In the coming days, gold and trading at the same level can be seen.

Gold in domestic market
If we talk about the domestic market, then from the budget day, gold appears to be about 1500 rupees cheaper than the previous week. Today, the gold futures market is trading at Rs 47,875 per 10 grams with a rise of 50 rupees. While today the business opened at Rs 48,015 per ten grams. During trading, gold rose to a day’s high of Rs 48,079 per ten grams. Let me tell you that on Tuesday, gold closed at Rs 47,825 per ten gram in the futures market. On Friday, the closing price of gold was Rs 49,337 per ten grams.

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Silver in the domestic futures market
There is a rapid decline in silver. Silver had crossed the level of 74 thousand rupees on the budget day. After that, the effect of lowering of customs duty showed on Tuesday and the prices came down to Rs 67,500 per kg. That is, silver became cheaper by more than 6000 rupees on Tuesday. Today silver is once again seen to be expensive. According to the data, silver is expensive by Rs 720 per kg and is trading at Rs 68261 per kg. Whereas silver rose to a day’s high of Rs 69,147 per kg. Whereas silver started at a rapid pace today with Rs 68,048.

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Gold and silver in foreign markets
America: Gold on Comex rose by $ 5 to $ 1838.60 an ons, while silver is trading 1.47 percent up at $ 26.79 an ons. On February 1, silver reached $ 30.04 an ons on Comex.

UK: In the London market, gold is trading at 1346 pounds per ons, with a gain of 1.32 pounds per ons. While silver gained 0.45 per cent to 19.61 pounds per ons.

Europe: In European markets, gold rose by 0.85 euros ons to 1,527.04 euros ons, while silver was up 0.37 per cent at 22.24 euros ons.


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