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Gold has become cheaper than 10 thousand rupees, haven’t bought it yet


Gold has become cheaper than 10 thousand rupees, haven't bought it yet 1

New Delhi. From Indian markets to foreign markets, gold and silver are getting cheaper. According to the data, gold and silver have gone down to an 8-month low. According to experts, gold and silver are yet to become cheaper in the coming days. If you talk about eight months, then gold has become cheaper by more than 10 thousand rupees. While the price has fallen by more than 12 thousand rupees. Let us also tell you how much gold and silver are being sold in the markets around the world today.

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Gold and silver prices fall
First, if you talk about gold, gold is trading down by Rs 181 per ten grams at Rs 45945 per ten gram at 950 am. Whereas today gold went to the day’s low with Rs 45924. Today, gold was opened at Rs 45986 per ten grams. There is also a big fall in the price of silver. Currently, silver is trading down by Rs 866 per kg at Rs 67628 at 9.50 pm. While today silver reached the day’s low with Rs 67560. Today silver started with Rs 68000 per kg.

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Gold became cheaper by more than 10 thousand rupees
Since August 2020, there has been a sharp fall in the price of gold and silver. First of all, in August 2020, gold reached the highest level of Rs 56,191 per ten grams. Since then, when compared to the lower level, a decline of Rs 10267 is being observed. At the same time, in the month of August, silver came to the level of Rs 79,980 per kg. On Friday, silver hit a low of Rs 67560 per kg. That is, silver has become cheaper by Rs 12420 per kg during this period.

Gold became cheaper in foreign market also
If we talk about foreign markets, there has been a big fall in the price of gold and silver. Currently, gold has fallen by $ 9.30 an ons to $ 1765.70 an ons. Whereas the gold spot is trading at $ 1766.51 per ons, down by $ 9.16. Talking about silver, it is trading at $ 26.72 an ons, down by 1.34 percent. While the silver spot is down 1.30 percent at $ 26.68 an ons.


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