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Gold price rises before 2020, silver again close to 70 thousand


Gold price rises before 2020, silver again close to 70 thousand 1

new Delhi. On behalf of US President Donald Trump, Kovid finally signed the relief bill. Since then, New York’s COMEX market has seen tremendous boom. In the overseas market, where gold is trading close to $ 1900 an ons. At the same time, gold in India’s futures market is only around 50,500. On the contrary, there is a tremendous rise in the price of silver. Silver is trading at 3 per cent in India. While in the New York futures market, this boom is seen at 4 percent. Let us also tell you at what level gold and silver are trading.

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Gold and silver up in foreign markets
First of all, gold on Comex, gold is currently trading at $ 1899.20 an ons, rising by $ 16 an ons. Whereas in Europe gold is trading at 1550 Euro per ons. While in London trading at 1397.44 pounds. While talking about silver, all three markets are trading with a gain of 3 percent. As a result, silver is trading at $ 26.80 in New York, 26.62 euros in Europe and £ 19.63 in London.

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Gold price rises in India
Due to the impact of foreign markets, gold on the Indian futures market Multi Commodity Exchange is trading at Rs 50,505 per ten gram with a gain of Rs 432 per ten gram at 10 am. Whereas gold today opened at Rs 50,200 per ten grams. During the trading session, gold touched an all-day high of Rs 50,530 per ten grams. In the previous trading session, gold had closed at Rs 50,073 per ten grams.

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Tremendous increase in the price of silver
On the other hand, there is a big rise in the price of silver in the futures market. It is trading at Rs 2021 per kg with a rise of Rs 69,530 per kg at 10 am. While today silver opened at Rs 69,000 per kg. Silver reached Rs 69,837 per kg during the trading session. Let us tell you that during the last trading session, silver had closed at Rs 67,509 per kg.


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