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Gold Price Today: Gold and Silver prices fall, know today’s new rates

Gold Price Today: Gold and Silver prices fall, know today's new rates

Gold Prices today: Gold and silver fall marginally

New Delhi:

Gold-Silver Rates Updates: Due to the slowdown in demand for gold and silver, both metals are continuing to decline. Gold prices have once again fallen marginally in Sunday’s trade, as the demand has been sluggish in the local bullion market, gold has fallen by Rs 110 per 10 grams to Rs 46,250. Due to this, the price of gold had closed at Rs 46,360 per 10 grams in the previous day’s session. This price is from Delhi and website Good return Are taken from If we talk about the metros, according to the latest rates, the price of 22 carat gold in Delhi is 46,250 and the price of 24 carat gold is Rs 50,470. In Mumbai, 22 carat gold is running at 44,950 and 24 carat gold at 45,950. In Kolkata, 22 carat gold is Rs 47,440, while 24 carat gold is 49,710 rupees. There has also been a drop in the prices of gold in Chennai. The price of 22 carat gold here is 44,770 and 24 carat is 48,840 rupees. These prices are per 10 grams of gold.

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Like gold, the prices of silver have also seen a decline, although it is very modest. In today’s market, the price of silver is 68 thousand 700 rupees per kilogram. If we talk about silver in different cities, then silver is being sold in Delhi at Rs 68,700 per kg. The same prices remain in Mumbai and Kolkata, but Chennai is selling 74 thousand per kilogram.

Market analysts attributed the fall in gold futures to traders cutting their deals.

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