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Gold prices down by Rs 1400 in 24 hours, silver prices fall by more than Rs 2500


Gold prices down by Rs 1400 in 24 hours, silver prices fall by more than Rs 2500 1

new Delhi. Corona vaccine news is seeing pressure in both gold and silver. First information came that vaccination would start in the US by mid-December. Then by the evening, Oxford University’s new vaccine report put the gold and silver market under pressure. Due to which, in the last 24 hours, gold has seen a decline of about Rs 1400 per ten grams and the price of silver by more than Rs 2500. At the same time, there is a decline in both gold and silver when it comes to foreign markets. Let us also tell you how much the prices of both gold and silver have become.

Gold and silver prices in foreign markets
Both gold and silver are under heavy pressure in the Comex market. Currently, gold has fallen by $ 16.20 to $ 1827.90 per ounce. Let me tell you that ever since the news of Corona vaccine started, gold has become cheaper by about $ 150 per ons. At the same time, if we talk about silver, we are seeing a decline of about 1 percent at the present time. Because of which the price has come down to $ 23.52 an ons. Silver has also become cheaper like gold to $ 3 an ons.

Shopping enthusiasm despite the rise in gold in bhilwara

Gold and silver also become cheaper in India
Today, gold opened in the futures market at Rs 49,262 in India.
– Gold was cheaper by 484 rupees at 10 o’clock at present time.
– Due to which gold prices were at Rs 48,996 in the same period.
On Monday, gold had closed at Rs 49,480 per ten grams.

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How cheap is gold in 24 hours
– Gold was at the highest level of Rs 50,350 per ten grams 24 hours ago.
– Gold was at a low of Rs 48,965 on Tuesday at 10:10.
– That is, gold has become cheaper by about Rs 1400 per ten grams in the last 24 hours.

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Fall in silver prices
Silver prices today opened at Rs 60,064 per kg with the fall in the futures market.
– On Tuesday, 10 o’clock 10 minutes the price of silver was down by 725 rupees.
– During the same period, the price of silver came to Rs. 59,800 per kg.
– While silver closed at Rs 60,525 per kg on Monday.


Tremendous drop in silver price in 24 hours
– Silver was at the highest level 24 hours ago with Rs 62,300 per ten grams.
Silver was at the lowest level at Rs 59,753 per ten grams at 10 pm on Tuesday.
– In the last 24 hours, the price of silver has fallen by more than Rs 2500 per kg.

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What do you know
Anuj Gupta, Deputy Vice President (Commodity & Research), Angel Broking, said that prices of expensive metals have broken in the domestic market due to the fall in gold and silver in the international market due to the news of the progress of the vaccine. While gold is getting support from the expectations of a relief package to deal with the economic challenges facing Corona, gold prices have remained under pressure from the Corona vaccine’s progress report.


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