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Good news for this industry, 1 million jobs will open


Good news for this industry, 1 million jobs will open 1

new Delhi. During the corona virus, the food and restaurant industry suffered a major loss, but there has been a good recovery in this industry for a few months. Now the people of the industry are going to get even better news. In the coming months, there will be 10 lakh jobs in the restaurant industry. According to a report by restaurant table reservation services company Dineout, up to 90 percent of restaurants by 2021 will adopt digital menus. Let us also tell you what else is said in this report.

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1 million jobs
– Dinout’s chief executive Ankit Mehrotra said that the restaurant industry has recovered from its worst phase.
– Industry ready to re-employ 10 lakh people.
Also, the industry is seeing a big change. Now people are giving priority to healthy food.
According to the report, 100 percent of consumers would prefer contactless and digital payments.
– Takeaway and delivery are expected to increase by 15% and 30.5% respectively.
– Cloud Kitchen’s market share will increase from the current 13% to 30% next year.
– Home chefs are also expected to increase drastically and may increase four times by 2021.

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30 percent restaurants closed completely
According to media report Annie Bafna of Mumbai Nutcracker, digital orders and payments are very convenient. This process saves a lot of time from the service department. Let us tell you that the restaurant industries were the most affected during the Corona period. Even after ending the lockdown, the restaurant industry is facing a lot of trouble. Prior to the Corona era, more than 7 million people were working in this industry. According to the NRAI report, 30% of restaurants and bars in the country have been closed forever due to the lockdown.

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