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Government can send fertilizer subsidy directly to farmers’ account, 14 crore farmers can get benefits


Government can send fertilizer subsidy directly to farmers' account, 14 crore farmers can get benefits 1

new Delhi. To improve and strengthen the economic condition of farmers, the government is now planning to send subsidy on fertilizer directly to the account of farmers. A draft is being prepared for this. This could benefit 14 crore farmers of the country. Till now the government fertilizer subsidy is sent to the account of companies producing fertilizer. Recently, the previous dues of Rs 1.36 lakhs of subsidy have been paid.

According to sources, the central government will extend the direct benefit transfer scheme from the next financial year. So that the subsidy of fertilizer will be directly available to the farmers directly. The Union Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers has also proposed to provide Rs 1 lakh crore as fertilizer subsidy in the financial year 2021.22. Data is being collected to transfer the amount to the bank account of how many and which farmers. It also includes details based on point of sale at retail outlets.

It is known that in the year 2020, the central government had given Rs 79,998 crore as fertilizer subsidy to the companies. In the year 2019, this amount was Rs 70,605 crore. The government also included a fertilizer subsidy of Rs 65,000 crore during the third relief package announced during the Corona period. According to an English media report, the priority sector will be the government’s priority in the next financial year. This will help in accelerating the pace of development of the country.


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