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Has Flipkart emerged stronger after Walmart’s purchase?


Has Flipkart emerged stronger after Walmart's purchase? 1

new Delhi. Diggis e-commerce company Flipkart bought a 100 percent stake in Walmart India Pvt Ltd in July. Since then Flipkart has started wholesale business in the grocery and fashion segment.

As a wholesale, Flipkart has started this business for the first time. In such a situation, it is important to know whether Flipkart has become stronger than before after buying Walmart or not.

Cancellation will no longer be easy on ordering goods from Flipkart, company brought new option

Actually, Flipkart has been doing its business as a retail market till now. Now that Flipkart has bought a 100 per cent stake in Walmart, this reverse takeover of Walmart’s business-to-business segment has given Flipkart the opportunity to further expand its identity in the food and grocery segment. Apart from this, the company will also help strengthen its supply chain.

Explain that Walmart India has 28 Best Price Stores in India and has two Fulfillment Centers. Apart from this, around 3,500 other employees of Walmart India will join Flipkart. So, after buying Walmart, Flipkart is looking stronger than before. Walmart had earlier invested $ 16 billion in 2018 to buy a 77 percent stake in Flipkart.

Small grocery stores will directly connect to Flipkart

According to a company statement, the Walmart India team has 12 years of experience running merchandising experiences and best price stores, which would be very effective for us. Currently, Best Price serves more than 1.5 million members. This includes grocery, horeka and other MSMEs.

The company will now be able to transform the grocery retail ecosystem in the country by leveraging technology and helping the growth of grocery and MSMEs. Flipkart’s new Business-2-Business or wholesale online business can largely make up for the unorganized grocery segment and smaller shops can get their goods directly through this platform.

There will be a change in the e-commerce policy, online sites will have to tell whether the product is made in India or not

Now the goal of Flipkart wholesale is to start its services in 20 more cities and to keep the goods category in the home and kitchen appliances and grocery etc. by the end of the year. In the coming days, the company plans to add 50 brands and more than 250 local manufacturers to its platform.

Apart from this, the company also plans to add about 300 strategic partners in itself in 2 months and get more than 2 lakh listings.


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