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Here FD gets up to 7.25% return, big investment will be made on online investment


Here FD gets up to 7.25% return, big investment will be made on online investment 1

new Delhi. In this phase of market fluctuations, when you login to your brokerage account and see that the value of your portfolio balance balance has come down, you get very frustrated. Splitting your investment into a variety of options is actually the best way to reduce such risk and protect your savings from market fluctuations. Diversifying the portfolio can help you compensate for losses in one scheme if there is a loss in one scheme. Although most investment options are associated with market risks, it is better to invest a portion of your savings in a fixed deposit. Fixed deposits are a very safe means of investment, which have no impact on market fluctuations and provide consistent returns.

Reasons for diversifying the portfolio
If you are willing to invest in the right FD, then consider investing in Bajaj Finance Online FD, which allows you to invest at attractive FD rates while remaining comfortable at your home. It is further explained why the option to diversify your investments with Bajaj Finance FD is the best.

Interest rates up to 7.25%
It is very difficult to anticipate the fluctuations in the stock market in advance, and those who pass through it seek refuge with fixed deposits to secure assured returns. With Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit you also get the benefit of very attractive FD interest rates, and thus you can easily increase your savings. Bajaj Finance offers an interest rate of up to 7 per cent for individuals investing offline, as well as an additional interest rate of 0.10 per cent for investing online. Senior citizens can take advantage of the additional interest rate of 0.25 per cent, which helps them to get assured returns of up to 7.25 per cent. By investing at these attractive FD rates, you can provide stability to your portfolio along with assured returns.

Simple process of online investment
By investing in Bajaj Finance online FD, you get rid of the hassle of long paperwork and long standing in queues. With the facility of investment through online mediums, you can invest in FD while remaining comfortable at your home. Not only this – this way you get the benefit of additional interest rate of 0.10 percent, which proves to be very helpful in increasing your savings more.

Convenient investment options
While investing in Bajaj Finance online FD, you can choose a time period of 12 to 60 months, as well as you can choose to get paid from time to time. Keeping in mind your investment goals and your desired time frame, you can choose to get paid at regular and regular intervals to suit your needs.

Even if at present you cannot invest a lump sum due to your financial situation, there is still a great option for you to invest in Bajaj Finance FD. Bajaj Finance’s Systematic Deposit Plan is the most appropriate solution to this problem. This monthly deposit scheme gives you the option of investing, in which you can deposit small amount every month and get future benefits based on compound interest.

Along with these features, Bajaj Finance FD guarantees you a return on investment, and ensures the highest security of your deposits. Regardless of your financial situation at the moment, you will benefit from diversifying your investments with Bajaj Finance Online FD to get better returns and balance the risks.

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