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Here FD is getting more than 7 per cent return, in 5 years 15 lakhs will be 21 lakhs


Here FD is getting more than 7 per cent return, in 5 years 15 lakhs will be 21 lakhs 1

New Delhi. In general, the new month begins with the pleasure of receiving a monthly salary. After a long wait, employees have started receiving appraisals and bonuses, and in such circumstances a person may have a desire to spend money on fun and appearances. But investing a part of your hard-earned money would be a more sensible option.

Amidst market uncertainties and fluctuations, fixed deposits have proved to be the safest tool for investors. Fixed deposit is one of the best investment option that helps a person earn interest on the invested capital invested in their preferred finance company. A person can get returns at regular intervals or on the basis of maturity.

Interest is getting more from post offices and banks
Fixed deposits are offered to customers by post offices, various banks and non-banking finance companies. Due to the availability of a variety of options, it can be a very challenging task for an individual to invest the additional income generated from bonuses in the easiest and safest mode. In such a situation, you can get more returns by investing in Bajaj Finance online FD.

The easiest and most reliable means of investment
Since Bajaj Finance can be invested in online FD schemes while remaining comfortable at home, one does not have to face the hassle of waiting in long queues. Overall investment experience gets better due to Bajaj Finance online FD form as well as cKYC document verification process. This investment process does not involve end-to-end paperwork, using which an additional interest rate of 0.10 per cent on FD can be availed.

12 to 60 months lock-in period
Also, the lock-in period is also extremely convenient which allows the investor to choose a time period of 12 to 60 months, giving them the freedom to tailor their FD schemes to their needs. Investors can visit the Fixed Deposit Calculator page available on Bajaj Finserv’s website to confirm the type of FD they have chosen and the returns they will receive over a period of time.

Earn sufficient returns on maturity
If you want to get abundant returns on maturity then you should invest in Bajaj Finance FD. This is because, the rates offered by post-office FDs and bank FDs on fixed deposits are much lower than the FD rates associated with Bajaj Finance FD schemes. An example is given below to prove this point. Suppose that Bajaj Finance Online Snisht invests Rs. 15,00,000 for a period of 5 years at an interest rate of up to 7.10%. You will get interest of Rs 6,13,677 on it and your rupee will be 21,13,677. Senior citizens can avail additional interest rate of 0.25 tn by investing through any means.

One year investment
Considering its convenience and future requirements as well as being timely, the same amount can also be invested in Bajaj Finance in a non-cumulative fixed deposit scheme for a similar period of time. If you invest Rs 15 lakhs for a year under the non-cumulative Bajaj Finance Online Snishtha, there will be an additional income of Rs 1,06,500 with an interest rate of 7.10%. Available on the website.

Easy cash flow and incremental investment
If the goal is for the investor to have easy cash flow, then he is advised to invest for different time periods instead of investing in the same fixed deposit. This not only helps them reduce the effect of fluctuating interest rates on their deposits, but also helps them to get returns of more than one FD and invest it in fixed deposits that will give them more benefit in future. Helps.

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