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If the roof of the house is lying empty, you can earn millions from these government schemes


If the roof of the house is lying empty, you can earn millions from these government schemes 1

new Delhi. If you are thinking of doing business, but you do not have much money for investment, nor do you need to take tension on your land. You can earn lakhs of rupees by just using your empty roof at home. For this you can get solar panels installed. Also, you can earn good profits through organic farming. For this, many schemes are also run by the government. With which you can take financial help.

Solar plant subsidy up to 30 percent
Central and State Governments are introducing new schemes to promote solar business. In this, solar plants are being provided at cheap prices. In addition, subsidies are also being given on these. Under the self-sufficient India mission, apart from the government, many private companies are also offering a good chance to earn money with the help of installing solar panels. In this, you can earn as a dealer, distributors and influencers. Solar panelists are provided a 30% subsidy on rooftop solar plants by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. According to the states, there may be a slight difference in its price.

Solar panel will increase earnings
To buy solar panels, the Renewable Energy Development Authority of the state government has to be approached. If you want to be in major cities, you can also talk by going to its office. If the roof of your house is empty, then you can earn profit by selling electricity by installing solar panel. For this you will have to tie up with local electricity companies.

Profits from rooftop farming
You can grow vegetables on your terrace through rooftop farming. Since there is limited space on the roof, you can use hydroponic farming to grow vegetables here. This is an Israeli technique. It does not require soil to grow vegetables, but can be cultivated only with water. It requires dried coconut shells instead of manure. In these, you can grow fenugreek, mint, brinjal, spinach, tomato, cauliflower, capsicum and okra. Traditional agricultural development scheme is implemented to promote organic farming. It gives Rs 50000 per hectare.


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