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Indians earned the highest in the stock market compared to Europe, USA and Chinese during the Kovid period


Indians earned the highest in the stock market compared to Europe, USA and Chinese during the Kovid period 1

new Delhi. Today Nifty 50, the major index of the National Stock Exchange, crossed the 14 thousand mark. At the same time, the major index of Bombay Stock Exchange also reached near 48 thousand. The special thing is that the Sensex and Nifty have given the highest returns as compared to all the major indices of the world after the Kovid era or say March. That is, Indians have earned more than Europe, America and Chinese. When looked at the data of the stock markets across the world from March till now, interesting figures were seen. Let us also tell you which stock market in the world has earned the highest amount of investors.

Sensex and Nifty in top 5
If you look at the figures from March till now, the top 5 include Nifty 50 and Sensex names. The top is the Korean market Copsy. Which has given 50% return since March. Then the names include Nasdaq and Vietnam’s stock market HNX. Both have given a return of 48 per cent. After that the Bombay Stock Exchange’s leading index is the Sensex which has given a return of 47 per cent and the Nifty 50 has given a return of 46 per cent.

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Top 5 Returning Stock Exchanges

Major exchanges Returns since March
Nasdad 48%
HNX 30 48%
Sensex 47%
Nifty50 46%

Such are the condition of other markets
Talking about the rest of the world markets, both the London Stock Exchange and S&P have given 41% returns. On the other hand, Dow jonch and Nikkai have given 40 per cent and New York Stock Exchange 39 per cent. China A50 gave 34 per cent, Shanghai 23 per cent and Hangseng 22 per cent. The special thing is that the exchange of Borsa Istanbul has given 44% return. Taiwan Weighted has given 42% return. On the other hand, Copenhagen’s exchange OMXC has given 36% return. The Schengen Exchange, China’s leading index, has given a return of 35 percent.

These stock exchanges gave good returns

Major exchanges Returns since March
BIST 100 44%
Taiwan Weighted 42%
London Stock Exchange 41%
S&P 41%
Dow jones 40%
Nikkei 225 40%
NYSE 39%
OMXC20 36%
SZSE Component 35%
China a50 34%
Shanghai 23%
Hang seng index 22%

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What do you know?
According to Kedia Commodity Director Ajay Kedia, the Indian stock market slowly moved forward when it hit its low in March. The market saw a boom after October. The pace with which the Sensex and the Nifty ran in the months of November and December has never been seen faster in Indian history. India has left many of the world’s stock markets far behind in terms of giving returns. Investment of foreign investors caused another big boom. October, November and December have invested a lot on behalf of foreign investors.

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