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Infosys rewarded investors, company gains 50 thousand crores in a setback


Infosys rewarded investors, company gains 50 thousand crores in a setback 1

new Delhi. For the last two days, the large IT companies of the country have been seen to dominate. On Wednesday, Wipro made a splash in the share market, but the noise of Reliance AGM 2020 was suppressed by Wipro, but today i.e. on Thursday in some way in the celebration of Infosys Did not disturb As soon as the company’s quarterly results (Infosys Q1 Results 2020) came out, the market rose brightly. The company’s share holders (Infosys Share Holders) got a chance to earn huge profits. At the same time, the company also benefited 50 thousand crore rupees. Let me tell you that today the market has closed with more than 400 points. At the same time, the company’s stock has closed with a gain of about 10 percent.

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Infosys shares rise strongly
After the quarterly results, Infosys shares saw a sharp rise and within an hour of market launch, the company’s stock reached 52 weeks high at Rs 952 per share. Whereas today the company’s stock opened at Rs 900 and yesterday the company’s stock closed at Rs 831 per share. That is, the shares of the company rose by Rs 121 till yesterday’s close. Investors also benefited. According to experts, a similar performance was expected from Infosys after the results of Wipro came out better than expected.

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The company has a profit of nearly 50 thousand crores
On the other hand, Infosys has also gained a lot since the company’s shares increased. If we talk about yesterday, the market cap of Infosys was about Rs 354110.38 crore. During the trading session, when the company’s stock reached 52 weeks high ie Rs 952 per share, the company’s market cap had crossed Rs 4 lakh crore. That is, the total market cap of the company was around 405471.52 crore. If we look at the difference of the market cap of the two times, then it is Rs. 51361 crores. By the time the market closed, the company’s market cap was Rs 3,87,966.40 crore.

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Company results better than expected
– Infosys reported a profit of Rs 4,233 crore in the June quarter, an increase of 11.4 percent over the same quarter last year.
– The company’s profit in June 2019 was Rs 3798 crores.
On a quarterly basis, the company’s EBIT increased 8.9 percent to Rs 5,365 crore from Rs 4,927 crore in the previous quarter.
On a quarterly basis, the company’s Ebit margin increased from 21.2 per cent to 22.7 per cent in the first quarter.
– The company made a major deal of $ 1.74 billion in the first quarter.
– In the June quarter, the rate of voluntary people leaving the company has fallen to 11.7 percent.

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The stock market closed sharply
For the second consecutive day, the IT sector supported the stock market. Today, the Bombay Stock Exchange’s leading index closed at 36471.68 points, up by 419.87 points. On the other hand, the Nifty 50, the major index of the National Stock Exchange, gained 121.75 points to close at 10739.95 points. The IT sector saw the maximum gain of 683 points. The tech sector saw an increase of 252 points. The banking sector closed up over 200 points. BPCL and pharma company Cipla shares rose more than 5 per cent with Infosys.


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