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International tourism has suffered the most from Kovid-19 after 1950, 67 lakh tourists have canceled travel till now


This year the worldwide corona epidemic could cause international tourism to decline by 80%. The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has made this estimate in its report. The global agency said that international tourist arrivals declined by 22 percent during the first quarter of 2020 due to the epidemic. According to this special agency of the United Nations, due to corona virus, annual tourism may fall by 60-80 percent as compared to 2019. The institution said that due to this livelihood of 10 to 12 crore people is in danger.

According to the report, Corona has suffered the most in the tourism business in Asia and the Pacific. After this, Europe has suffered. About 3.3 crore people come to these regions every year for summer vacation. The entire tourism business has come to a standstill this year due to the Corona crisis. Tourists are not possible due to the closure of air services. It is known that every year more than two crore people from the country go abroad for holiday and roam. In 10 years, this number has almost tripled.

Big loss to Indian economy as well: Corona virus epidemic has badly affected the Indian tourism industry. The long run of lockdown has created an employment crisis in front of 38 million people working in this sector. According to Assocham, this corona spread in the form of epidemic will have a greater impact on the hotels, tour and travel, aviation, catering, construction and entertainment sectors. According to the industry association, the travel and tourism sector accounted for 9.2 percent of India’s GDP in 2018 and provided 2.67 crore jobs.

Improvement in international travel from next year

According to the UNWTO, the number of international travelers is not expected to improve much this year. It may see improvement next year. Looking at past records, the number of relatives, friends or people going to work is likely to increase compared to international tourism. Africa can benefit most from international travel.

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