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Investors will keep an eye on the development of Corona vaccine, market may remain fast


Investors will keep an eye on the development of Corona vaccine, market may remain fast 1

new Delhi. With the Corona virus vaccine coming to India soon and the boom in the domestic economy, the domestic stock market is witnessing a rapid rise for the seventh week in a row and during this period, the BSE Sensex is behaving with 47 losses. The stock market is expected to remain strong next week.

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Market positivity
Analysts say the worldwide market is seeing positives with the introduction of the Corona vaccine globally. Domestically, the government is also arranging for the deployment of people along with the supply of vaccine. Apart from this, the cases of corona are continuously decreasing at the domestic level which has also given a boost to the market.

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May continue fast next week
He says that the market may continue to gain momentum next week as there is no possibility of any kind of disturbance anywhere at the global level. The world is eyeing the corona vaccine. On this basis, the trend of the market is also being decided. He said that foreign institutional investors have been buying in the domestic market in the past week and it is likely to remain buying even further.

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Last week also continued fast
Last week, the 30-share BSE Sensex Sensex has been in a sustained week. During the reporting period, the Sensex rose by 1.87 per cent, ie 861.68 points to 479,000 points, and stood at 46960.69 points. The Nifty of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) was up 1.83 per cent, or 246.70 points, at 13670.55. Like the giants last week, buying in small and medium companies continued to be strong, with the BSE midcap rising 1.60 per cent or 179.86 points to 17801.18 and the smallcap gaining 1.23 per cent or 216.52 points to 17769.10.


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