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Know how to open your own petrol pump, it will be big money


Know how to open your own petrol pump, it will be big money 1

new Delhi. When we go to the petrol pump to fill oil in our car, sometimes the name definitely comes to our mind, especially we also have a petrol pump. Actually, petrol pump business is one of the most profitable business. The government has also made many changes in the rules related to this to make it simpler than before. Today we are going to tell you all the things related to opening petrol pumps.

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7 companies retail petrol

A total of 7 companies retail petrol in India, but last year the government decided that now more companies can join this business on the basis of turnover. In such a situation, you can also open your own petrol pump or you can open a petrol pump of a government company.

Citizenship of India is most important for opening a petrol pump in the country. Along with this, your 10th pass is also necessary. Earlier its qualification was 12th standard but the government had changed its rules last year.

To open a petrol pump, you must have your own land. However, you can also open a petrol pump on rented land. But it will require a bit more paperwork.

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How to apply

To apply for a petrol pump, one has to fill the form issued by the company. The company asks for fees for opening petrol pumps. Which is decided on the basis of rural and urban area.

Petrol pump companies are now invited through online medium as well, so you can apply for petrol pump through online.

Good profit is made

The profit of a petrol pump is determined by the petrol rate. For example, suppose today the price of petrol in Delhi is Rs 82.34. Petrol has a base price of Rs 26.34 and freight is Rs 0.37, which means a total of Rs 26.71.

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That is, petrol costs Rs 26.71 without any duty and VAT from dealers. Now it includes excise duty of Rs 32.98, dealer’s commission of Rs 3.65, VAT of Rs 19. After which the price of oil becomes 82.34 rupees. The dealer’s commission here will be your benefit.

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