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Ladakh issue: Prime Minister Modi Rajnath Singh’s advice


Prime Minister Modi’s Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has consulted on the Ladakh issue.

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Tensions between India and China have been lingering for weeks on the Ladakh border. Negotiations are underway in the Calvanon Valley and Hot Springs areas regarding the withdrawal of the two-nation forces. Following talks with the commanders of the two-nation army brigade, both armies are being withdrawn.

At this point, the Chinese army suddenly infiltrated Indian forces in the Calvan Valley. Three Indian soldiers and two soldiers were killed in the clash between the two countries.

Subsequently, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh held an urgent consultation with the army commander and officials. He continued to consult with PM Modi.

latest tamil news

State Department description

The Ministry of External Affairs has explained that India’s activities are within its borders. The problem occurred when the Chinese sides tried to change their position. If China were to follow the high-level agreement, there would be no problem. India firmly believes in negotiating across the border. India has suffered from both sides in the China conflict. India is committed to ensuring sovereignty and territorial integrity. We expect China to act like India. The State Department said.

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