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Market investors bat in Modi government, investors earned 115 lakh crores in less than 2300 days


Market investors bat in Modi government, investors earned 115 lakh crores in less than 2300 days 1

new Delhi. Today has become a historic day for the stock market. After a bounce of over 10 per cent in just 5 days, the market cap of BSE today crossed 200 lakh crore rupees. While the Sensex crossed the 51 thousand mark, the Nifty 50 15 went up. The special thing is that from the formation of the Modi government till date, more than 115 lakh crore rupees have come in the bag of market investors. Whereas since December 2014, the market cap of BSE has increased to Rs 100 lakh crore. At the same time, from the day of Budget 2021, the market has gained Rs 15 lakh crore in 5 days. Let us also tell you that the story of BSE becoming 200 lakh crore rupees…

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4700 crores earned everyday in Madi government
The Modi government was formed for the first time on 26 May 2014. Since then till now the Modi government has been continuing for 2465 days. During this period, BSE has earned an average of Rs 4700 crore daily in the market. The market cap of the market as on 26 May 2014 was Rs 85,20,816.63 crore. Whereas during the trading level today reached 20110439.51 crores. That is, during this period, the market cap of BSE increased to Rs 11589622.88 crore. According to this, daily income of Rs 4700 crore has been earned since that day.

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15 lakh crores in bag in 5 days
On the other hand, Budget 2021 has been the best for the stock market in the last 24 years. The Sensex had a 5 per cent jump that day. Since then, the Sensex has risen 10 per cent. The special thing is that the market has benefited the investors by 15 lakh crores. According to the figures, the market cap of BSE was Rs 1,86,12,644.03 crore on 29 January 2021 before the budget. Which has increased to 20110439.51 crores today. Now you can understand that in five days, the market investors are constantly batting.

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Sensex and Nifty rise more than 10 percent
At the same time, if you talk about both the major indices of the market, the Sensex and Nifty have gained more than 10 percent. Today the Sensex has crossed the record level, crossing the level of 51000 points. While the Nifty 50 has also seen a rise of 10 per cent and has reached the record level, crossing the 15,000 mark. Currently, the Sensex is trading at 50702 points with a gain of 87 points. Nifty 50 is trading at 14907 points with a gain of 12 points.


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