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Market investors beware, your rupee may sink in March-April


Market investors beware, your rupee may sink in March-April 1

New Delhi. Market investors have been batting for the past few months. Especially since the budget, the Sheya market has seen historical boom. All records have been broken. At the same time, experts are telling investors to take precautions. According to experts, March and April are not good for the market. Correction of 10 percent can be seen in the market. Expert claims that the market can once again come to 48 thousand level. Let us also tell you what are the reasons that are causing the stock market investor to be careful.

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Due to these reasons, fall may come
According to stock market expert Rajneesh Khosla, in March and April, the stock market can see a correction of about 3000 points. According to him, dividend yield and PE ratio have reached the historical level. At present, the earning ratio has reached +41 on the PE ratio. While the dividend yield has come down to 1.04. According to Rajneesh Khosla, whenever both of them come to this level, there is a correction in the market.

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Where can the stock market come till April
According to Rajneesh Khosla, one can see a fall of 1000 points including March and April. That is, the Nifty can remain between 13700 and 14200 points. The Nifty will not go below this. He is expected to lower the Nifty to 13600 in the coming days. While the Sensex may see a decline of 3000 points in the same period. The SENSEX can be between 47500 to 49000 digits. 47500 points can become the lowest level of the SENSEX.

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Will be faster after may
According to Rajneesh Khosla, after two months of correction, stock market investors will get a chance to earn once again. In the months of May, June and July, the stock market may again see a record rise. According to Rajneesh Khosla, at present the stock market is at its peak. In such a situation, the market is demanding correction. Because of which profit booking takes place, there should be no surprise.

Current market situation
If you talk about the current situation of the stock market, the Bombay Stock Exchange’s flagship index Sensex is trading at 51,776.35 points, down 327.82 points. While today the Sensex reached the day’s low with 51,709.84 points. On the other hand, Nifty 50, the major index of the National Stock Exchange, is trading at 15,231.05 points with a decline of 82.40 points. Whereas the Nifty today hit the day’s low with 15,213.35 points.


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