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Monetization Policy: Government wants to earn two lakh crores from Railways, but what does Ground Report say?


If the cost of one meter of Connaught Place land is between five and ten lakh rupees, then it can be understood that the land of six acres of stadium is more than two thousand crores, that is why the government is now calling it Bronze Land. Its price is not so much benefit from it.

Railway Ministry handed over 49 railway stations to RLDA, redevelopment to be done under PPP model

What do the people involved in the case have to say?

This is the reason why a letter went viral in the month of March, in which it was revealed that the government will earn money from 15 stadiums like Karnail Singh Stadium, Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Secunderabad, Kolkata, Bengaluru, but people like Arjuna Awardee and former Olympian Rohtas Kumar are against this decision. He himself has also practiced at Karnail Singh Stadium and has been a sports officer of the Railways. He says that in this stadium, from the Ranji Trophy of cricket to boxing, wrestling and all kinds of sports, national camps are held. This will harm the game.

Rohtas Kumar, former sports officer of the Railways said that this is the stadium number one of the railways. All arrangements are made for living, drinking and drinking here. There is Ravi, Bajrang, Chanu, all have been prepared from here. This stadium is our hub, where all the players are prepared, camps are held. There cannot be such a good place anywhere else.

‘Train will run on hydrogen fuel in India’, Railways took a big step towards green energy

Dissatisfaction with the condition of Tejas trains

Similarly, in 2019, the Railways ran a corporate train named Tejas on the private model. At present, two Tejas trains are running, but the break even point is 70 percent, that is, there is a loss in running the train if less seats are filled, so there are many difficulties in running it. Now there is a plan to invest 30 thousand crores by running 150 private trains again. Not only the rail, the process of developing this way through private investors in Delhi Railway Station with Rs 6,200 crore is going on for three years. 100 railway stations have been identified but at present only Gandhi Nagar and Habib Ganj have been developed. Now the railway union is saying that the plan to give the train and station in private hands is a flop.

AIRF general secretary Shivgopal Mishra said, ‘Tejas train is standing. If there are expensive tickets, then who will go with it? Similarly, the talk of redeveloping 150 stations is going on for 10 years. He was told to build a mall hotel. Habibganj has failed out of only four stations built.

The government feels that in order to woo private companies, the railways has many assets like land in the posh areas of big cities, profitable routes and railway stations crowded with lakhs, giving which can improve its financial condition. But given the recent economic situation and India’s red tape, it is not easy to raise such a huge amount through private participation.

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